In Scratch, sprites can make sounds! In this tutorial, we will make a cat make a meowing sound when it touches the dog. Here’s how!

  1. Create the dog, KEEP the cat, change backdrop and add green flag,
  2. Make the cat touch the dog in the script (you can learn how from other tutorials on the site, Pong game might help),
  3. Go into the ‘sounds’ tab in the ‘scripts’, ‘costumes’ and ‘sounds’ near the top of the interface,
  4. If ‘pop’ is there instead of ‘meow’, delete ‘pop’ and add ‘meow’ from the buttons,
  5. Go back into the ‘scripts’ tab,
  6. Go to the ‘sounds’ section,
  7. Add ‘play sound meow’ to the script,

That’s it!

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